Hyundai - Cell Phone Watch with Built in Camera

Hyundai is best known in the world as a cars producer but not as a cell phone producer. However, it is never late to surprise people and make something really cool. W - 100 cell phone watch gadget is one of the first ones in the world that combines all three: cell phone, watch, and a camera.

Camera is not all this watch has built in; Bluetooth, Micro SD cards support, MP3 support are all the features it has. We have seen those ones before but there is one feature that even I didn’t expect to appear in a cell phone watch. It has a touch screen and stylus to control the gadget. Its 1.3 megapixel camera should make pretty good photos however it all depends on the phone’s quality. You can also upload your MP3 collection on-to Micro SD card and use it as an MP3 player. Cool and very convenient to use gadget will hit the market soon.This would be a very cool addition to my gadget collection however there is no world on English version or prices yet.

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