Sony Launches PSP Go

Play Station Portable Family has now grown up. Sony launches Play Station Portable Go on Saturday. The PSP Go is made like a slider and it makes the device more portable. The PSP internal memory has been upgraded up to 16 GB and it also has a memory card slot. Now the device is more comfortable to use like a media player.

And this is not all. Sony has upgraded PSP Go with a Bluetooth. Now players can talk with each other using voice chat via Bluetooth. Also they can use Skype to talk with any Bluetooth devices.

Sony has a lot of competitors in the portable world. The iPod touch has been marketed as a gaming device by Apple and it the first competitor. The second competitor is the Nintendo DS. But Play Station Portable occupies a high level in the world of portable gaming devices.

Sony says that PSP Go not differs from the other PSPs. It will be an alternative for Play Station fans. The price is not officially announced.

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