AMD Shows Off APU Due in 2012

Next-Generation Bulldozer with GPU Already in Silicon. Advanced Micro Devices this week showed its next-generation accelerated processing unit (APU) for client computers. The new code-named Trinity chip is due in 2012 and will utilize x86 cores based on improved Bulldozer micro-architecture as well as DirectX 11-class graphics engine.

At the press conference at Computex Taipei 2011, AMD's vice president demonstrated a sample of the code-named Trinity accelerated processing unit for desktop and laptop computers that will be released next year. The company officially calls it the best APU of the year 2012.

"Llano will be followed up by Trinity. Trinity utilizes Bulldozer x86 cores. [...] We have Trinity [in silicon already]. Trinity represents 2012's greatest APU. We have had it in our labs for several weeks. It looks fantastic, it has Bulldozer cores, DirectX 11 graphics," said Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of products group at AMD.

Trinity is the first microprocessor that AMD showcased physically that features the company's next-generation Bulldozer x86 processing engines.

AMD's vice president did not demonstrate Trinity in action. The showcase itself proves that the company is in position to develop higher-performance solutions for the incoming fleet of personal computers.

Developers of microprocessors traditionally demonstrate working samples of their products about a year ahead of the commercial release. Still, in many cases both AMD and Intel skip the working part for competition, marketing and other reasons.

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