AMD Bulldozer Launch in June

The first AMD processors of new generation emerged at the beginning of the year. They, however, low level and was the first attempt to combine the CPU and GPU, which, judging by the tests and the reaction of PC makers, proved quite successful. In the second quarter of the year there are expected models of higher performance based on Bulldozer core. They say that deliveries will begin in June. More precisely, this should happen during third week of the month. 
Processors with integrated DDR3 controller, but without the GPU will be released with 32-nanometer technology. It is assumed that they will be promoted under the name
FX. In the first wave will include eight models. Four of them will get to eight cores series (FX8000) and 16 MB cache, two - with six cores (FX6000) and two - with four cores (FX4000). There are no details on each model yet. As far as it is known, eight-processor outperforms existing processors such as Core i7 950 (four cores, eight threads) and the Phenom II X6 1100T (six cores) by 50%.

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