AMD Llano APU Series

In the third quarter of the year, AMD will release six Llano APU's, designed for desktop systems and as competitors of Second Generation Intel Core. In the fourth quarter there is going to be five more products. This is reported by our Taiwanese colleagues, with the usual reference to "industry sources".

AMD will present model Llano APU Series A, issued on 32-nanometer technology at Computex Taipei 2011 in June. Among the new products that will fall on the market in the third quarter, there will be processor A8-A6-3550 and 3450. We also know names of two of the five articles that will appear in the final quarter of the year: A8-A4-3560 and 3360.In addition, in the third quarter will see three models of E (Zacate) series: E-300, E-450 and E2-3250.

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