Concept - Transformers Cell Phones

Transformer theme has become quite popular today and there are many projects working on that. However, folks at Parkoz Hardware have come up with a very unique idea. Transforming Cell phone, are they gadgets of the future?

Remember that cell phone in the Transformers movie that they put in the chamber and how it started transforming? Our cell phone could do that too consider Parkoz Hardware guys. Transforming from a usual cell phone to a destruction machine these gadgets would be very cool.

A pair of guns, mechanical legs and an evil mind makes the cell phone perfect mini weapon of mass destruction with reduced power of course. Well this would be helpful when threatening your pets or when asking your boss for a pay raise.The only problem left is battery life. The battery needs to be very powerful in order to support this monster's movements. Oh, and one little problem, it needs to have some artificial intelligence micro chip in order to work, but that̢۪s no problem for our noble minds.

One last issue: what would they use as bullets? Anybody? Anything?

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