Gray Hat SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - There are several techniques used by Search Engine Optimization for increasing rankings in the search engine, promotion of the website and driving traffic to the website. The most famous SEO tactics are three commonly known as:
  • White Hat SEO Techniques ( Honest and Ethical techniques)
  • Black Hat SEO Techniques ( Unethical Techniques)
  • Gray Hat SEO Techniques ( Combination of White Hat and Black Hat Techniques)
Gray Hat Techniques are called combination of white Hat and Black Hat Techniques. Do you know why such techniques are called gray? Well, Gray color is a combination of white and black and these techniques are also blend of both. That’s why their called as “Gray Hat SEO Techniques”.

Although White Hat SEO Techniques are slow in their progress, but these are considered ethical and websites can use these SEO techniques for the marketing of their Website. Unlike Black Hat SEO Techniques, these are honest and reliable techniques to use for search engine rankings and involve less risk of being punished by search engines like Yahoo, Google, Chrome and others. The reason that they don’t break the rules and regulations of search engines thus retaining an extensive standing position.
White Hat SEO Technique can be simple called as “Risk versus incentive” techniques. For Example, you are starting some online business with the belief that if you are going to take a risk, you’ll be rewarded. If White Hat SEO techniques are used honestly, then you can retain your standing in the long run and can achieve good rankings in the search engine. Unlike Black Hat SEO techniques, these techniques are banned by the search engine as search engines allow them to maintain their credibility for a longer period of time.

These techniques are popular and good to use if you are starting your business for long run, but they involve some risks as well. In fact, the risk of being penalized is less but still risk is risk and such risk is impulsive. Being penalized by the search engines means now there is no place for in the online world anymore. Therefore, the gray hat seo technique is not as dangerous as black hat seo but it's not safe either.

Here are discussed some of the Gray Hat SEO Techniques:

Paid Links

This is a method of purchasing links for your website for the recognition of your website. This method is costly. The links are purchased as just the purpose of advertising, thus practice is regarded as legal. 

Keyword Bulkiness

Keyword density is not like black hat keyword stuffing technique. If a website is using keywords in bulky amount, then it is keyword bulkiness and not a keyword spamming.


This technique is also used to get higher rankings in the search engine when a website images in insert lot keywords instead of using texts. This technique is also used to get higher rankings in the search engine.

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