Black Hat SEO

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is central to promotion of the website. There are several SEO strategies for the marketing of the website but the two main are black hat techniques and White Hat Techniques. Where white Hat SEO Techniques are recommended by search engines as good and ethical, Black Hat Techniques are considered as unethical and fraudulent approaches for website marketing in the SEO industry.

     Black Hat techniques maintain their standing for the shorter span as credibility can only be keep up with honest, moral practices. These tactics maintain their ranking and generate huge traffic only for a short period of time because they don’t follow search engine rules and policies. Search engines smell and find them easily. Websites implementing such tactics are considered as illegal, they have a negative repute in the internet world and search engines forbid their existence soon. If you want your business to attain long term credibility, then you must avoid using these tricky practices. These are just intended to live for sometime and die immediately.

     Here are listed some Black Hat Tactics: Keyword Stuffing , Cloaking, Hidden Text, Doorway Pages, JavaScript, Background Colored Text, Duplicate Content, Meta Tag Stuffing, Title tag spamming, Expired Domains, Link Farm, Comments Spamming, Mirror Websites. Some are discussed below in order to give you a clear view about these Black Hat Techniques.
 Keyword Stuffing
     Keyword stuffing occurs when website is using a long list of keywords. Keywords are repetitively used in the content of the website just to get higher ranking in the search engine. 

Hidden Text
     Many websites use this tactic by making use of the text and giving it the same color as the background color. Viewers are not able to read the ‘hidden text” but search engines can easily drag them out. 

Doorway Pages
     These are the pages created for higher ranking. Viewers cannot view them but search engines can find them easily with search engine spiders.

Duplicate Content
    This technique uses duplicate content on several pages. Search engine spiders find this duplicate content thus creating a greater risk for your website. Always use unique and original content.

     Linking to bad Neighbor sites
When you are linking to other websites, you should be very cautious.  Avoid linking to websites that are not relevant to your niche.  Avoid linking to websites using black hat techniques or fake, unrelated websites.

Hidden Links
     This practice occurs when link is added to a page and visitors can’t see the link. But search engine spiders find out these hidden links, penalize them and website cannot remain any longer in the search directory.

Invisible Text
     It is another way of attracting search engine spiders. These are created by using hidden css property. These are created with the same color of the background so that visitors won’t be able to read those texts. Search engines don’t like this tactic and direct your website to ban.

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