White Hat SEO

     Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers your website to several techniques by which your website receives higher ranking in the search engine. The primary purpose of SEO is all about generating the volume of traffic to your website with the help of search engines and fulfilling website requirements. In fact, SEO is the most vital facet of website promotion. Traffic increases if your ranking is higher in search engine result page.

There are three main types of SEO techniques:
White Hat ( recommended as good)
Black Hat ( recommended as bad)
Gray Hat (very risky)

     White Hat SEO techniques are all about optimizing your SEO per page as they assist a lot in gratifying the desired needs of generating traffic and maintaining ranking in search engine as compared to Black Hat SEO Techniques. White Hat SEO Techniques firmly follow the search engine rules and policies to generate traffic using content and maintain long term standing in the SEO industry as compared to Black Hat techniques that focuses on short term standing.

     White Hat SEO techniques are highly appreciated in the search engines as they are centered to creating content for human audience, a content that is considered as appropriate for the targeted viewers.  There are several White Hat SEO Techniques to drive targeted traffic to your website. Use these techniques to optimize your SEO per page to achieve a higher rank per page in order to get on the top and to cope with the hasty life of SEO industry.

Here is a list of some White Hat SEO Techniques:
1. Quality and Original Content
2. Good Keyword Research
3. Quality Backlinks
4. Blogging
5. Site Maps
6. Forums
7. Good title for your pages
8. Good Meta Description
9. Good Meta Keywords
10. Friendly URLs

Here are explained some of this white hat seo thechniques for a better understanding:

Quality and Original Content
     Content is a small term but it is renowned in the SEO industry as a “Ruler” of the website because it the ruler who can best optimize the website for search engines by offering itself in a high-quality way and adding value to it. High quality content helps viewers search you easily in the search engine. Search engines will find and consider the contents which are put together with the keywords relevant to your website. The originality of your content is “a must”. Search engines can tell if your content is original, and if it’s not,  your website risk beeing penalized.

Good Keywords Research
     Contents are developed with keywords, most popular keywords relevant to the website, that will help viewers visit your website. In order to conduct keyword research, there are a lot of tools available online through which you can find the most competitive keyword for your website. List down all possible keywords, filter out the inappropriate ones, only select the most appropriate keywords and develop your content with the help of those keywords. List all those keywords in the important parts of your website like Titles, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, Headings (H1, H2 tags), first and last paragraphs (p tags), etc. You should keep in mind keyword phrases with a high competition can bring you  high traffic if they rank well in search engine, but this will happen very slow. If you want a high traffic to your website faster, you should optimize your website for less competitive keywords. Another true fact is, if you want a very good targeted traffic, you should optimize your website for keyword with two, three or four words, and not keywords (a single word).

Quality Backlinks
     Increase your rankings in the search engines by making certain that you have backlinks from high quality websites. By high quality websites we refer to websites with a high pagerank. If those websites are relevant to your website that’s even better. This will increase your site ranking for your keywords. Try to get as many as possible backlinks to your website and try to avoid getting backlinks from farm links websites.

Site Maps
     Everybody know that submitting an updated sitemap to search engines will increase the speed of your pages indexing. The use of sitemaps is a good thing to do not only for a fast indexing but also for a better indexing of your website. Some of your pages may not be reachable by search engines when crawling your website, so you should tell to search engines about the existing of all of your pages.

Good title for your pages
     The title tag is the most important part of your page, since the search engine place it in the search result pages as link to your website. It should be very interesting if you want to attract many clicks. You should use the keyword phrase inside your website's title tag, but no more than two times. 

Meta keywords and Meta description
     Most of the search engines pays a lot of attention to Meta tags. Meta Keywords and Meta description shouldn’t be missing from your website. A good meta description should have between 100 and 150 character. The keyword phrase should be no more than 2 times inside your meta description. First time it should appear as the first words of your meta description and the second time closer to its end. Avoid using to many comas. The meta description should be natural with no keyword stuffing and very descriptive for your page. Inside the Meta keywords tag you should place your keywords and keyword phrases. It’s recommended to place there a maximum of three keywords or keyword phrases, but you should be very careful to make sure that those keywords appear inside your content too. Otherwise, this may be interpreted as spam.

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